Coaching & Programs

Lowery's Multisport is a company that develops triathlon races and athletes with a little twist of imagination and excitement. Our objective is twofold: to create unique and fun events for everyone from 6 to 106, and to continue to challenge the triathletes in Southern Nevada. We are also home to the 'Southern Nevada Youth Triathletes'. With Lowery's Multisport Races, you're guaranteed to find intense competition, great friends, and lots of fun!

"Coach Frank"

Frank Lowery, President of Lowery's Multisport Races, Inc. is a long time competitor in the sport of triathlons holding national ranking from 1990 to 2003. His interest in the sport began at age 15 when a family friend challenged him to finish an event that seemed "unachievable" by someone his age. He finished the race and was hooked! Since 1986 he has completed in over 149 triathlons including 3 Ironman and more than 40 Half Ironman races.

He is a graduate of the University of West Florida and holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science. He received a scholarship to play both Soccer and run Cross Country for the University and became the first student in its history to compete in two collegiate sports simultaneously.

Upon finishing school, Frank spent the next several years traveling, snowboarding and coaching swimming and soccer. In 1998, he decided to join the Air Force as a Combat Medic and was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base. After serving a rewarding four years, Frank decided to pull out of the military and concentrate solely on coaching and race development.

Frank's career as a coach began with a youth soccer team 17 years ago. For the last 12 years however, his primary focus has been coaching swimming at both the age group and masters' levels. He currently coaches the Henderson Nevada Masters Swim team and has increased program participation by over 500% during his 5 year tenure. His reputation as an excellent swim coach coupled with his superior athletic ability has given Frank the opportunity to also coach on a more personal level tailoring workouts based on individuals' goals and objectives. As a result, he has built his career around coaching, race directing and youth development. Frank currently holds a level 1 USA Triathlon Coach Certification and a National C Soccer Coach Certification.

Frank resides in Henderson, NV with his wife, Meghann and three children. He continues to compete in triathlons, running and snowshoe races, and swimming events.