Kids Programs

The sport of triathlon continues to grow in our community and has fostered physical and mental growth amongst its participants around the world. Lowery's Multisport Youth Training camp is designed to introduce young athletes to the exciting sport of triathlon! Whether you're a beginner or more experienced triathlete, this camp will cover swimming, cycling, running, transition and nutrition techniques that everyone can use! Camp director Frank Lowery will be joined by top local age group triathletes, cyclists and coaches who will share a few "tricks of the trade" along with valued expertise in the sport. Children are encouraged to give their best efforts throughout the camp and discover things about their abilities they didn't know existed!

The weekend will culminate with a race in a controlled setting under the watchful eyes of the event staff and volunteers. The focus of the race is to allow the athletes to apply the skills that they have learned over the course of the camp in a supportive environment where finishing, not winning, is not the objective.