Expo FAQ's

What is the ITU Health & Wellness Expo?

The ITU Health & Wellness Expo is an interactive and festive 3-day expo featuring health, fitness, wellness and multi-sport products, services and apparel. In addition, there will be demonstrations, workshops, food and entertainment for health enthusiasts of all ages to enjoy.

When will the ITU Health & Wellness Expo take place?

Wednesday, November 2 9AM - 4PM
Thrusday, November 3 9AM - 4PM
Friday, November 4 2 - 5PM
Saturday November 6 (Race Day) 10AM - 5PM

How much does a booth cost?

10'x10' Booth $600
10'x20' Booth $1000
Other $1250 for booths larger than 10x20

How do I apply for a booth?

Applications are available via the Lowery's Multisport Races website – www.lowerysmultisport.com just click on Expo and follow directions to application.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions about a booth or the expo?

Katy Mason

What does the booth include?

The booth includes the space (10x10, 10x20 etc), one 8' table, 2 folding chairs as well as the advertising and promotion of the Health & Wellness Expo to the athletes, spectators and general public.

Can I rent additional equipment if needed?

Yes, the costs of additional items are as follows:

8’ tables $20 each
Folding chairs $10 each
Tent Rental $150 (10x10)
$300 (10x20)

Will Lowery's Multisport Races provide electrical?

Yes if requested.

What is the deadline for the application to secure a booth?

Friday, October 7, 2011

I am a food and/or beverage vendor, are there additional forms or procedures to participate?

YES! If you are sampling and/or selling food or beverage you MUST complete a Southern Nevada Health District Temporary Food Establishment permit and additional fees may apply. The permit can be found at http://www.southernnevadahealthdistrict.org/download/eh/temp-food-app.pdf

Will there be internet connection?

Yes, Cox Business will be providing wireless internet connection coverage for the expo area.

Will there be water access if needed?


Can I request where I want my booth to be placed within the expo area?

The locations of all booths are within the vicinity of the finish line, in the heart of Henderson, NV. Vendors will be assigned space based on size, product and the date the application is received.

Are there other opportunities to promote my product/services beyond the expo?

Yes! ITU Athlete backpack and Volunteer goodie bag advertisement. Reach 2000 athletes and 1500 volunteers with your advertising message, product, sample etc. The deadline for delivery of products is October 17, 2011.

Costs are as follows:
Athlete Backpack $300 (2,000 items)
Volunteer Bag $300 (1,500 items)
Both Athlete & Volunteer $500 (3,500 items)

Can I get a refund on my booth at the ITU Health &
Wellness Expo?

Any vendors wishing a refund may do so via written request. This request must be received no later than September 12, 2011. A maximum refund of $300.00 may be granted for the 10x10 booth and a maximum refund of $600 may be granted for the 10x20 booth. Any request received after September 12, 2011 will not be considered for a refund and their booth space is forfeited. There is no transferring of booth fees to other vendors for the Health & Wellness Expo.

Please send correspondence to:

Lowery's Multisport Races/ITU 

200 Black Eagle Ave.

Henderson, NV 89002

How do I apply for a booth?

Step 1: Complete the Expo Application   Expo Accounting Form

Step 2: (If you are a Food/Beverage vendor please complete step 2 if not skip to step 3) You must download and complete the Southern Nevada Health District Temporary Food Establishment Checklist and Temporary Food Establishment Application for Special Events.

Step 3: Complete the Health & Wellness Expo Accounting Form

Step 4: Make checks payable as follows-

  • Expo Booth - make checks to Lowery's Multisport Races
  • Food/Beverage Health Permit - make checks to SNHD
Step 5: Mail all completed applications and checks (payable as outlined above) to:
Lowery's Multisport Races/ITU
200 Black Eagle Avenue
Henderson, NV 89002

Lowery's Multisport Races will remit your payment and applications to SNHD on your behalf.