Sponsorship FAQ

The event presents an extremely unique way to market your company not only to Southern Nevada, but across the United States and the world. Our sponsors are the key to the success of the 2011 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championships and we would be honored for you to consider being part of our team.

The mission of the Lowery's Multisport sponsorship team is to produce a world-class event that generates awareness and visibility for our city, state and our sponsors on a local, national and international platform.

Who are these Triathletes?

  • The median annual household income of a triathlete is $160,000.
  • More than 40% of all triathletes have a postgraduate education.
  • The sport of triathlon has exploded in the United States over the passed 10 years with more than 350,000 athletes competing in a triathlon or multi-sport event every year.
  • 71% of triathletes hold a professional/managerial employment position.

What is the International Triathlon Union (ITU)?

The International Triathlon Union is the world governing body for the Olympic Program sport of triathlon and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF). ITU is also the world governing body for all related multi-sports such as duathlon, aquathlon, winter triathlon and long distance triathlon. The ITU was founded in 1989 in Avignon, France, where the first triathlon world championships were held. It is now headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, and has over 120 affiliated national federations around the world.

Vision: Support the development of the sport through the empowerment of national federations and regions, in particular those with limited human and financial resources, through a set of strategic operations such as mentoring program, regular surveys and feedback that carefully addresses all areas of development.

Mission: To create, support, and enhance, sustainable athlete and coach development programs worldwide.

To develop self-sufficient programs that strive for sustained competitive excellence on all levels.

Goals: Offer a balanced sport development program to all continental confederations to include support for High Performance, Junior, and Regional Grassroots Program.

Increase participation in the sport of triathlon around the world, from community events to World Cup and World Championship races.

Create and maintain viable partnerships with National Federations, Continental Confederations, Olympic Solidarity, and other organizations.

Ensure athletes receive a consistently positive experience in the sport by recognizing and supporting global coaching education, mentoring (coach and athlete), and athlete development programs.

How much does a sponsorship cost?

We offer a variety of sponsorship packages and branding opportunities at different cost levels. We pride ourselves on working closely with potential sponsors to customize a sponsorship package to meet your budget and your marketing strategy.

Who do I contact for more information on sponsorship opportunities?

Katy Mason