What is the 2011 ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships?

The 2011 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championships is a world championship triathlon where the best triathletes in the world will compete in their prospective countries to qualify for a spot at the race, which will be held in Henderson, Nevada (USA) just minutes from the glitter of the Las Vegas Strip. The event will be held on the same course as the former Nevada Silverman Triathlon. The World Championships race will feature a 4K swim, which will be held at the Lake Las Vegas resort, a 120K-bike ride with more than 9,700 feet climbing, and a 30K run that boasts an additional 2,000 ft elevation gain.

Where do I check in on race day?

You will check in at the Volunteer Headquarters (VH), a large, white tent marked ‘Volunteer’ at your assigned location.

Where are volunteer Headquarters’ Located?

If you are volunteering for a shift at Lake Las Vegas, the Volunteer tent will be located near the Transition area across the bridge from Montelago Village. You will see signs pointing you to the correct location on race day. If you've been assigned at the Bike to Run Transition, the Bike Course, the Run Course or the finish line you'll find the Volunteer Tent at the 'bullseye' located between the Henderson Multigenerational Center and the Henderson Pavilion on the corner of Green Valley Pkwy and Paseo Verde Pkwy.

What time should I arrive for my shift?

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your assigned shift. This will ensure you’re able to check in, grab a snack and be ready to work at the start of your shift.

Do you require training or orientation to volunteer?

Yes. We will provide training at our Volunteer Information Meeting scheduled several days out from the event. You will be required to attend for certain positions, however we strongly recommend every volunteer make a point to complete the training. If you are assigned to a position that requires additional training outside of the Volunteer Orientation you will be provided with that information as the race draws closer.

What types of volunteer positions are available?

There is virtually something for everyone at the Silverman! Some of the opportunities include: Course Directors, Lifeguards, Kayakers, Divers, Aid Station Workers, Bike Handlers, Sunscreen Applicators, Food Tent Workers, Finish Line, Crowd Control, Security etc. For a detailed list of available positions and their descriptions please read here.

Where are volunteer positions located?

The majority of the positions are located either Lake Las Vegas across the bridge from Montelago Village or at the Henderson Pavilion located on the corner of Green Valley Pkwy and Paseo Verde Pkwy. Some volunteers will be utilized as Traffic Directors and will be placed at specific points along our course. If you are on the bike course, you will likely be placed along the last 12 miles of the course between Mission/Horizon Ridge Parkway and the Henderson Pavilion. If you are a Traffic Director on the Run Course you will be placed at a point on the course within a 5 mile radius of the Henderson Pavilion. Additionally there are Aid Stations placed every 10 miles on the Bike Course and every 1 mile on the Run Course. Aid Station Volunteers will be given specific assignment locations once they've been assigned to an Aid Station Leader.

What are the benefits of volunteering?

In addition to giving back to your community you can expect a great day! You'll be surrounded by incredible athletes and volunteers, our Food Tent will be stocked with plenty of complimentary goodies to fill your bellies, you'll get a smokin' ITU t-shirt and goody bag, and if that's not enough to entice you, we'll also host a Volunteer Appreciation BBQ catered by Outback Steakhouse shortly after the event as our way of saying "thank you." There will be raffles, great food and much, much more!

Do I need to bring food or will it be provided?

We do have a fully stocked Volunteer Food Tent that you can access throughout the day. We typically serve items like pizza, sandwiches, pastas etc. If you are sent out on course we will provide you with a sack lunch. That being said, we strongly recommend bringing any additional food or beverages you think you might need during your shift.

Do I need to have any specific qualifications to volunteer?

No. Anyone with a willing, helpful spirit and a positive attitude is encouraged to volunteer! We do have opportunities for those with special skills such as medical, kayak support, lifeguards, security etc. but there are plenty of opportunities for everyone!

What is the minimum age to volunteer?

We require that Race Day Volunteers are a minimum of 12 years old. For some positions such as Finish Line Support or Traffic Directors the age requirement increases to 16. We realize that this is different from years past but are certain you'll understand our desire for the safest, best-supported race course we can offer.

Where do I park?

Lake: Lake Las Vegas: Volunteer Parking will be at Loews Hotel Lake Las Vegas. Please follow the parking signs on race day.

Henderson Pavilion: Please park at the District, Green Valley Ranch Casino, or Twitchell/Vanderburg Elementary School parking lot on Desert Shadow Trl. to help keep the surrounding parking lots open for spectators and athletes' families. The Henderson Multigenerational Center Parking lots will be closed.

What should I wear on race day?

The weather in November can vary greatly! It is advised that you dress in layers that will allow you to add or remove clothing as necessary. You will be provided a long sleeve shirt that should remain visible whenever possible so if you plan to wear it over a jacket you may want to request a larger size. Please also bring a set of gloves and a hat if you are working a later shift after the sun has set. It can get chilly in the evening!

What should I bring with me on race day?

The following list includes some recommendations of things you may want to bring along with you:
A jacket, hat and gloves (esp. for early morning or late evening shifts)
Cell Phone
A book/magazine to read during slower times
Small folding chair (for course directors)
Any additional snacks or drinks you’d like while on course
Noisemakers such as cowbells, whistles etc.
And of course a big smile lots of cheering!

Can I bring a friend?

You can! Please encourage your friends and family to sign up on the website and attend the orientation with you! If you have them involved from the beginning it will be more fun for all of you! However, if you come across a friend that wants to come along with you on race day and has not signed up online we can still put them to work so bring them along!